About me

Short info

My name is Giovanni Martelli. I am 18 years old and a student at the Mediacollege Amsterdam.


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I am a full stack developer As a full stack developer you program and maintain (mobile) websites, apps and web applications.
You not only learn a lot about technology and programming, but also about the basics of digital design. Because a product must not only work well, the idea behind it must be good and the product must look attractive. You also learn to collaborate with designers, because they will later take care of the design.

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Personal life

I was born on July 5, 2000 in the village of Petten, a small village in North Holland. In my free time I like to exercise and I can often be found with friends or with my girlfriend. I also love to party.
I'm a music lover and can't go a day without it. The reason that I am following the training for full stack developer is because I have long been interested in how a website is structured and how it works.

About this website

This website is about some of my favorite artists. I had to build this website for a school project. I searched for as much information as possible for each artist and incorporated it into this site. I also used different api's such as those from spotify. A couple of these artists are a big inspiration to me and their music makes me motivated.

This project is the 4th and last project in the first year of my education and I'm really proud of what I achieved.


Here you will find pictures and / or videos of my favorite artists and me.